SYNTHRON develops, produces and markets a complete portfolio of additives, especially for water and solvent borne coatings, painting inks and powder coatings. Products includes: Defoamers, flow and leveling agents, wetting substrates, wetting and dispersing agents for organic and inorganic pigments, rheology modifiers, thickeners, corrosion inhibitors, antistatic agents, bio sourced products etc.


- MOUSSEX® - Defoamers

- MODAREZ® - Leveling, wetting and flow agents

- ACTIRON® - Catalysts and cross linkers

- SYNTHRO®-THIX - Rheology modifiers

- SYNTHRO®-STAB - Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde scavangers, pH buffers, stabilizers

- SYNTHRO®-PON - Wetting and dispersing agents

- SYNTHRO®-COR - Anti-flash rust agent

- SYNTHRO®-COMP - Coupling agents and compatibilizers

- SYNTHRO®-STAT - Conductivity agents

- SYNTHRO®-NYL - Fire retandant

- SYNTHRO®-PEL and WAX - Waxes and water repellent additives

- MASQUODOR® - Odour masking

- CHARTWELL® - Adhesion promoters


Please see our catalogue for more information about the available grades: