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Pliolite Resins

PLIOLITE resins are dry or solution acrylic copolymers that have gained recognition around the world as the leading binders for exterior masonry paints, concrete and metal protection, and intumescent coatings.

Key attributes:

  • Outstanding durability
  • Minimum surface preparation
  • Small particle size enables deep penetration
  • Easy renovation
  • No peeling or blistering
  • Many grades are VOC compliant


Product name Polymer Specific Gravity

KB Value

Tg °C
Pliolite AC3-H Vinyl Toluene Acrylate 1.03 36 61
Rheological copolymer, compatible with VTAC-L. Can be used in exterior flat and high build masonry paints.
Pliolite AC4 Styrene Acrylate 1.02 45 55
Rheological thermoplastic copolymer that can be used with Pliolite AC80 to formulate masonry coatings, structural steel paints and intumescent coatings.
Pliolite AC80 Styrene Acrylate 1.03 40 54
Excellent exterior weathering. Forms tough films with excellent adhesion. Wide variety of uses.
Pliolite S5E Styrene Butadiene 1.05 60 57
Forms tough, durable films with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Excellent alkali resistance. Can be used in concrete floor enamels, concrete curing membranes and primers.
Pliolite Ultra 100 Styrene Acrylate 1.02 31 61
Used in clear and pigmented surface conditioners, flat and textured masonry paints, anti-carbonation coatings for concrete protection and flat and high build waterproofing sealers.
Pliolite VTAC-L Vinyl Toluene 1.03 36 61
Recommended applications include intumescent paints and many types of masonry coatings. Exhibits good adhesion to concrete and provides good humidity resistance.
Pliolite VTAC-H Vinyl Toluene 1.03 36 61
Rheological copolymer ideal for multi-color paints.


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