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Plioway Resins

PLIOWAY resins are very soluble polymers, developed for high performance low-odor or odorless solvent-based coatings. Typical applications include interior paints, stain blocking primers, correction fluids, multicolor paints, etc.

Key attributes:

  • Low odor formulation
  • Stain blocking features
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fast drying
  • Many grades are VOC compliant


Product name Polymer Specific Gravity

KB Value

Tg °C
Plioway EC1 Vinyl Acrylate 1.03 31 56
Used in odorless interior paints, flat and textured masonry paints, odorless stain-blocking paints and correction fluids.
Plioway ECT Vinyl Acrylate 1.03 32 56
Rheological copolymer that can be used with EC1.
Plioway Ultra 200 Vinyl Acrylate 1.03 28 57
Soluble in odorless isoparaffinic solvents. Can be used in odorless interior paints, stain sealing primers, correction fluids and intumescent coatings.
Plioway Ultra G20 Vinyl Acrylate 1.03 28 60
Rheological film former. Soluble in odorless solvents and can be used with Plioway Ultra 200 and Ultra 350LV.
Plioway Ultra 350LV Vinyl Acrylate 1.03 28 49
Low viscosity and high solids. Can be used in odorless primers, correction fluids and intumescent coatings.


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