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    NBR and NBR/PVC

    Synthomer manufactures CHEMIGUM® bale rubbers (NBR) and CHEMIGUM polyblends (NBR/PVC) for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. These products deliver resistance to oils, fuels, chemicals and heat while achieving the desired flexibility and stiffness required for the application.

    The technology behind our CHEMIGUM NBR products can be tailored to meet the performance needs of the end use applications, as well as the mechanical and processing requirements of our customers. Synthomer offers many grades of CHEMIGUM rubbers manufactured using hot and cold polymerization processes with varying ACN content, Mooney viscosity, and low mold fouling features. They can be made using batch or continuous polymerization processes.

    In addition to resistance to oils and fuels, CHEMIGUM polyblends are used in applications where superior weatherability, including resistance to ozone, is required. We develop and adapt different grades of our polyblends to meet the specific performance, service environment and processing needs of our customers.CHEMIGUM polyblends are supplied in sheet form and can be supplied in granular form upon request.