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    Elastomeric Modifiers

    Synthomer produces CHEMIGUM® and SUNIGUM® elastomers for a wide range of rubber and plastic applications. These products are utilized across the transportation, construction, industrial and personal/household markets for a variety of performance and processing attributes:

    • Flexibility
    • Retention of plasticizer in PVC
    • Modulus
    • Oil, chemical and temperature resistance
    • Soft touch
    • Matte finish


    CHEMIGUM NBR elastomers are copolymers of acrylonitrile and butadiene. They feature excellent mechanical properties with resistance to fuels, fats and oils. They also are widely used in friction material compositions in which they contribute significant advantages to processing and performance.

    CHEMIGUM elastomers are available in powder form to meet specific processing and end-use requirements. In PVC blends, CHEMIGUM elastomers (powder) enhance physical properties and chemical resistance, as well as minimize the loss of liquid plasticizers due to extraction, volatility or migration to maintain flexibility under harsh conditions.

    SUNIGUM elastomers are crosslinked acrylate terpolymers with functional carboxylic groups. They are resistant to degradation due to heat, UV radiation and many chemicals, such as oils and fuels. These products deliver flexibility potential that enables formulators to tailor softer grades of general purpose and engineering grade thermoplastic elastomers where aesthetics, color-retention and weatherability attributes are needed.

    The novel composition and structure of SUNIGUM elastomers make them compatible with many polar resins: PVC, CPE, COPE, TPU and ASA/ABS/SAN, as well as other polymers with some polarity including ethylene copolymers (EVA and EMA). Although SUNIGUM elastomers are not directly compatible with non-polar resins, they can be blended with polyolefins through reactive compatibilization techniques.