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    Release agents

    PROMOL release agents and antiadhesives from Barbe have proved themselves to be among the best materials avalible for the processing of rubber, plastics and polyurethanes. They offer many advantages in both application and performance.

    • Efficient and reliable separating effect
    • Tailor-made grades
    • No undesirable side effects
    • No contamination of moulds and equipment
    • Coniderable savings
    • Fewer rejects
    • Clean process
    • Low maintenance costs


    PROMOL can be used with rubber, thermoplastics, thermosets and polyurethanes.


    Antiadhesives for crude stocks.
    Antiadhesives for moulding blanks.
    Antiadhesives for extrudates. 
    Mould cleaning release agents.
    Thermally stable mould release agents.
    Paintably and printable release agents.
    Mandrel lubricants.
    Components for green tyre dopes.


    Paintable and printable release agents.
    Bake-on mould coatings.


    Release agents for mouldings and laminates based on phenolic, melamine, epoxy and polyester resins.
    Mould release agents for epoxy casting resins.
    Mould waxes.
    Release agents for glass fibre reinforced hot and cold curing polyester resins.


    Mould release agents for elastomers.
    Release agents for hot and cold moulded flexible foams.
    Mould release for rigid and semi rigid systems.
    Paintable release agents for rigid and flexible integral foams.
    Mould cleaning agents.