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    The range of rubber antidegradants we have are produced by leading producers of rubber chemicals. They combine state-of-the-art technology with world-class manufacturing.


    Our range of antidegradants:

    TMQ acts as a radical scavenger in a wide range of elastomers to protect against oxidative aging. Flectol TMQ is a high performance grade containing a very high proportion of dimer, trimer and tetramer.

    Exceptionally low staining/discoloring amine-based antioxidant with excellent antioxidant and antiflex cracking resistance in light colored and black-filled compounds. Effective in a wide range of polymers but particularly in CR.

    Excellent for dynamic and intermittent ozone resistance; SBR stabilizer; monomer polymerization inhibitor. Provides flex fatigue and oxidation resistance even at low concentrations.