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    Synthomer is a recognized leader in the manufacture of latex for tire cord and mechanical rubber goods (MRG) fabric dipping. Pliocord® vinyl pyridine (VP) latices are produced to the same standards at Synthomers facilities around the globe, providing our customers with the same quality, consistency and peace of mind when formulating their end use products. This has enabled Synthomer products to be bonded to some of the world's most famous tires.

    It’s no wonder. With lineage that traces back to Goodyear and GenCorp (previously General Tire and Rubber), they were the first company in the world to produce VP latex for RFL (resorcinol formaldehyde latex) dipping 60 years ago. A broad, global customer base continues to rely on Synthomer to deliver exceptional quality and service.


    Conventional or Custom:

    Pliocord latices provide excellent adhesion of synthetic fabric to rubber. These products are used in conjunction with resorcinol and formaldehyde as well as certain other resins to promote adhesion to nylon, rayon, polyester, aramid and glass cords used in tires and mechanical goods.

    Together with Synthomers global technical service group we will work to provide the best solution for your end-use requirements. We are able to evaluate product samples, suggest formulations for your particular applications and participate fully in plant trials. We can adapt our product technology to meet conventional applications but also excel at developing customized formulations.