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    PBD, SBR and Pliogum

    We supply the full range of synthetic rubber from Goodyear Chemical. Our portfolio contains:


    Synthetic Rubber:

    • Plioflex-General Purpose ESBR (Emulsion copolymer of butadiene & styrene)
    • Budene-General Purpose BR (high cis 1,4 polybutadiene)
    • Solflex- Solution SBR (solution styrene/butadiene copolymer)
    • Natsyn- IR rubber (synthetic polyisoprene rubber)
    • IR monomer (isoprene monomer)



    • LPF- High Solids SBR latex (cold polymerized styrene butadiene copolymer)


    Food Grade ESBR:

    • Pliogum- foodgrade SBR (styrene/butadiene copolymer)


    Rubber Chemicals:

    • Polystay- Antioxidant/Antiozonant (Mixed Diaryl-p-phenylenediamine)