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Reinforced Plastics

We have reinforcement fibers for all your needs. Our portfolio contains everything from chopped strands to high tech preimpregnated carbon fabrics.

All our supplier are market leaders and specialists in their fields.


Our speciality is to tailor a solution to our customers depending on their needs.


We stock the current products in our warehouse:

  • CSM
  • Woven roving
  • Multiaxials in both glass and carbon
  • Metycore
  • Woven carbon fabrics
  • Diamond cutting tools
  • Paddle rollers, custom specified and made by ourselves


Please contact us for more information.


  •  O. Sundström AB

     +46 31 447310

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  •  Postal address:

     Box 69
     433 21 Partille

  •  Delivery address:

     Benjaminsväg 10
     433 38 Partille

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